Although slot machines are tougher than the traditional table game, it will give you more money than the traditional game. This feature has made it popular among the millions of player throughout the world. The experience gamblers are familiar with the two important terms in slot games and that is tight and loose. The loose slot machine will pay you small amount but it is frequent. It does mean that you will get the best chance to win in every three to four spin. It is really interesting and you will enjoy as the chance of winning is more frequent here and you can earn more amount of money over here.

On the other hand tight slot machine is different from loose slot machine in terms of infrequent winning feature. According to gambling regulation authority the winning is counted here. It is also regulated by the casino owner and machine manufacturer. Based on the payout table regulation you will come to know about the feature of the game that will help you to earn a lot of money. When you will see that the slot machine is operated in frequent manner and is paying smaller amount you will understand that this is loose slot machine. Whereas if it moves in infrequent manner you should understand that it is tight slot machine and you will make your decision accordingly.

Payout percentage

The money you are utilizing for gambling will return you 80-90% and obviously it is more than the traditional slot table game. You will get money according to your jurisdiction and other parameter. In case of NJ the payout back percentage is about 78% but in case of Nevada it is about 75%. It is obvious that casino always retains a percentage of the total money for maintenance purpose. It does mean that slot machine is really a profitable business.

Who is responsible?

The payout percentage is written in the software accompanied by the slot machine. This percentage may be changed and is done through changing the overall software. It is seen that most of the software contains temper evident seal but it is removed by the control board of game. For example Nevada always audits the software in a regular basis to justify the authentication of the software. This commission established in 2006 in Las Vegas to ensure the authentic software to overcome any problem associated with this. This commission works under one method that allows the manager of the casino to change the feature remotely.

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