Slot Machines Composition

Among casino games slot machines are the most playable ones. They are considered to be the simplest ones and don't need any special knowledge or skills. Moreover, slot payouts rate is considerably higher than of other casino games and can reach 99%. In order to know how to play and win more frequently regardless of slot payouts, you should know how the slots work.

The Core of Slots

The main part of both online and land-based slot games is the RNG or Random Number Generator. Ii is a chip programmed to produce random combinations every millisecond. The RNG is completely independent from the other slot machine's parts. The chip doesn't have any memory, so the game is really fair.

What is on the Screen?

A slots screen seems to be busy and full to the players, who are not used to a wide range of options available. Slots can have different numbers of reels, however the most popular online slots are of 5 reels. On one of the screen's side there are pay-line subscripts that light up if a pay-line is won.

At the bottom you will find lists of numbers and your balance. The numbers are the chosen pay-lines and wagered lines. They can change according to your choice. You should have an eye on your balance in order to make the right betting decisions.

Pay Table Option

You can always find an option, which shows you the pay table for this slot game. There you will see all possible winning combinations, and the rewards you get, playing different denominations and numbers of pay-lines. The pay table will show you the payout rate and the value of symbols as well. It is quite important as according to this information you will build your playing strategy. This option has no influence on the result of the game, it only gives the information.

Bet Max Option

This option allows you to make the maximum bet on all available pay-lines. Choosing this option makes it possible to win the maximum prize. It is advisable to play the maximum coins, as it will be very disappointing if you hit a jackpot combination and get only part of it.

Spin Option

Spin option is the last you should click, as it initiates the spinning of reels, after what to change wagering terms is impossible. You click on the spin option on the screen and the fun starts, the game begins as the drums start spinning.

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