Types of Slot Symbols and Their Features

Slots are the most playable and interesting games in casinos. Besides that the slot probability rate can reach 99%, what is much higher than in other casino games. You can find many tips and strategies how to beat slot machines. Beside this there are a lot of symbols, which can increase the slot probability and your potential winning. When choosing a machine to gamble, pay attention to not only the theme of the symbols but to their functions as well.

History of Symbols

The first slot machines had scanty variety of symbols. The Liberty Bell, created by Charles Fey, had 5 symbols: heart, diamond, horseshoe, spade and Liberty Bell, from which the name of the slot originated. The other type of the pioneer slots was poker machines, the symbols of which were a deck of cards.

When the popularity of slots gained its pick, machines were used for advertising companies. Bell Fruit Gum produced slots with symbols designed as flavors of their gum. Then the famous BAR symbol was inserted, as the company's logo. The symbols of fruit slots were lemons, cherries, peaches and other kinds of fruit.

Those symbols of the first slot machines brought interest to the game, but they had no more functions. The symbols of the later period have bonus features. Among them are scatter, wild and bonus symbols - all of them you can find in modern online slot games.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols can be any image depending on the theme of a slot machine. These symbols can appear on different lines. They give result even if they appear on an inactive pay-line. The scatter symbols pay out when more than 3 of them appear. More of these symbols bring more winning. The information about what picture the scatter symbols have in a particular game and the reward they bring, you can read on the pay table.

Wild Symbols

One more type of slot symbols is wild symbols. They can replace any symbol and create a pay-line. The only symbol that cannot be replaced by the wild symbols is a scatter. It is highly recommended to choose machines that have wild symbols, as they increase slot probability.

Bonus Symbols

A certain number of bonus symbols lead to a new additional game within your game. The most popular bonus symbols are scatters, which can bring not only extra winning but bonus games as well. You should remember that they are not replaceable with the wild symbols.

To sum up we advise you to play slots, which contain different types of symbols, as they influence the game greatly.

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