Jokes about Slot Gamblers

The history of slot machines is not very long just 120 years, however, slots gained popularity quickly and became one of the most playable game in casinos. Many gamblers like this game for simple rules and possibility to play slots online. Although, this game requires no special skills and knowledge, you should know the basics of how slot machines work and strategy how to beat it in order not to be in confusing situations. There are some funny stories about gamblers, who got in anecdote situations in casinos.

I am Winning!

A dumb blonde woman was standing near a soda machine in one of Las Vegas casinos. After inserting 60 cents, a bottle of beer popped out of the machine. The woman put it on the ground, and then she put 60 cents one more time and pushed another button - a bottle of coke came out the machine. She was so involving in the process that people in queue became impatient. "Excuse me, may I take my coke and then you will go on what you are doing?"- said a man in the queue. The blonde turned around and answered, "Don't you see? I'm winning at this machine!"

Thank You for an Open Door

Ned was unlucky in Las Vegas one day. He gambled all his money, so he had to borrow few coins to visit the men's room. The toilet appeared to be open, so Ned decided to bet the dime in one of slot machines. Suddenly, the lights started flashing and cheerful music appeared, meaning that he won a jackpot. Then he moved on the blackjack table and won there as well. As the result he became a millionaire.

One day Ned told his amazing story at the lecture circuit. He said, "I am very grateful that man, who helped me to win. If I found him, I would share my fortune with him. " One of the men stood up and said that he was that man, who gave him few coins. "Sorry, but you are not the man I am seeking. I am looking for a man, who went and left the door open!"

We wish you luck and not to be caught in ridiculous situations. So, learn out about slot machines as much as possible.

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