Most of the casino believes in their own terminology as well as own system but the entire casino follows common basic technique. There are several terms that can confuse any player. Pay line and scatter symbol sometimes confuse the players as most of the players don't understand the original meaning of several terms. Here you will find several terms that is succinctly discussed here. Learning all these terms will help you to understand the game as well as help you for winning the game.


It is that amount of money that is used by the player during play. The player determines the bankroll and based upon bankroll he/she utilizes money and bet.


This is that amount of money which is wagered during slot game.

Betting Limits

This is that amount of money which is wagered per bet.

Bet Max Button

The button is set automatically during the reel.

Bonus Round

It is a feature demonstrates the extra chance to win the credits. Sometimes bonus is given so that the player can learn basic knowledge of online slot game.

Casual Game Slots

This demonstrates the symbol of wins that is created on grids.

Classic Slots

This means the traditional slots consisting of three reels but it can also include multiple pay lines. It may also include scatter and wild symbol.

Coins per Line

This is that amount that is done bet in each line.

Coin per Spin

It demonstrates how many coins you are choosing for bet.

Coin Size

This demonstrates the size of single bet in online slot.

Loose Slots

This is associated more payouts.

One Armed Bandit

A slang term used to refer that slot machine that has low payout percentage.

Pay line

This demonstrates a line or multiple lines and for winning the game the symbol must match with the pay line.


The gross amount of money that is credited to the player account after winning the game.

Pay Table

Lists where winning combinations are shown.

Payout Percentage

This term demonstrates that amount of money which is got from the slot.


Wheel that is used to justify the win.

Scatter Symbol

This is very common in 5 reel slots and this symbol may appear anywhere in the slot.

Slots Tournament

A promotional tournament where players compete with the other players.


When reels come to stop.

Static Jackpot

A common form in jackpot and stays in a static form.


The symbol correspond the winning feature of online slots. This symbol may be of various objects.

Tight Slots

This term is opposite to lose slots where there is small percentage.

Video Slots

This term is associated with the feature of pay lines and multiple slots. It may also feature free spins, scatter symbol, multipliers and so on.

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