Star Strategy

There is a unique strategy named three star strategies that is really helpful for anyone to win the game. It is geared by three coin machines. The variation comes through a new term named naked pulls. Where naked pull decrease losses and thus it does signify the end of a session. When you are setting naked pulls then you should play it carefully otherwise you will lose the game. Without following the main strategy you will not get the maximum feedback from the game.

Naked pulls: during the start of the session you need to set a number and start playing. This must be in the 7 to 14 empty pulls. The number you choose is dependent upon you and try to choose the best number so that you can win the game.

Naked Number:

Naked number strategy is really interesting and exciting strategy that will increase your chance to win the game.

Through three star systems you will be able to utilize 10 bets in each level. In case of quarter slot machine it will take $20 in each session and in case of half dollar machine you will have to count $30. You have to set up your loss limits and when you will see that you are losing the game then stop the session and walk away. Try to follow the naked number strategy so that you can win the game. These days millions of players are following this strategy to get the best feedback from the game. Anyone can play the online slot game easily as it is really exciting to play as well as it is very simple. Just following some secret strategy is important here.

Why to Use It

So try to follow all the instructions so that you can get the best feedback from the game. At first try to know the basic knowledge about online slot game and then you will come to know all the information. Through browsing internet you will be able to learn the basic knowledge of online slot game.

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